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Aikido of West Seattle

Currently Closed

Aikido is a modern nonviolent Martial Art - developed by Morihei Uyeshiba (1883-1969).
Aikido movement is based on the principle of non-resistance - when pushed turn, when pulled move in beside. We redirect, not add, force in Aikido. We practice being in the right place at the right time.

Aikido is not performing techniques, but it is a way of looking at life, understanding ourselves and our relationship to others. Whether doing techniques or dealing with emotional stress, the principle of harmony is applied. We try and either see things from another's perspective, "turn when pushed", or have them see things our way " when pulled move in beside". We strive for agreement or harmony, this is not always possible - in that instance they go their way we go ours. Harmony can also be thought of as having compassion. Compassion means not adding violence to a situation, it also means having patience with oneself.

Aikido has a flowing almost dance like movement. Very often you will find yourself laughing, it is a truly joy filled experience!


Ai - Harmony/Love

Ki - Energy/Life Force

Do - The Path/Way

Aikido = Harmonize with energy/the loving way