Aikido of West Seattle  4421 Fauntleroy Way SW  Seattle, WA 98126  (just off the West Seattle Bridge) Directions

Class Schedule

Adult Classes
Mon., & Wed.  
 6:00 - 7:15pm

Sat., Sun., 
10:30am -  11:30am

(Students can attend as many classes as is possible) 

Children's Classes

Mon. & Wed.
4:30pm -  5:30pm

(Children can attend up to 8 times a month) 

Toddler / Parent Class
Sundays 9:45am - 10:15am
(once a week)

                 Class Fees

Adults= $135/month

Teens= $125/month
Children= $120/month
Toddler and Parent=$80/month
(includes sales tax)
- No Contracts, No Test Fees,
No Registration Fees

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Pam Cooper Over the past 45 plus years - Pam Cooper has worked with people of all ages, abilities and some disabilities. She feels there is no limit to someone being able to train in Aikido, only ones own willingness to trust they can.
Pam Cooper is the Head Instructor at Aikido of West Seattle, which she started in 1988.
Ms. Cooper began her training in 1975 in Santa Cruz.
She moved to Seattle in 1976 and trained with Mary Heiny
Cooper Sensei has also taught a variety of classes at Community Centers and Colleges in the Seattle Area -classes ranging from Senior self defense to toddlers with their parents, (Junior High and Senior High) Teacher's Self Defense.

Our school provides a safe encouraging place for all ages, skill levels, abilities and disabilities. An average Class size is 10 -12 students, this allows for a lot of individual instruction. The school is open 15 minutes Before class time, we encourage students to come early, stretch, ask question, etc, All skill Levels train in the same Class. As a new student you may Wonder- "how do I fit in?" New students work On the same techniques as everyone else. The teacher or another more experienced student will work with you, allowing you to proceed at whatever pace is needed. There are many opportunities during class to Ask questions. Questions teach us all!

Our children's program provides a safe fun environment for children to learn. We have classes for all ages together 4 - 11 years. We also have special Toddler parent classes (ask for time of next class).
With Aikido we teach the concept of a win/win situation, rather than the competitive idea of win/lose. In Aikido both partners are learning to be safe. We teach techniques and kids play various Aikido (noncompetitive) games, which hone rolling and coordination skills - in a fun way.


We are a couple blocks off the West Seattle bridge, at the intersection of Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Avalon Way.
Across the street from Alki Lumber and Starbucks. Our Parking lot is in the back of the building on SW Genesee St. and 36th Ave SW.